Project Solution for C++

C/C++ is a most popular general-purpose programming language, which is widely used for product development, application development and cross-platform development process. Our skilled team of programmers and developers will be able to implement custom product development projects using object-oriented C and C++ technologies. The OOP (object-oriented programming) approach of languages is appropriate for handling complex and large programs.

We at Starco understand, analyze and share specific requirements of clients to deliver commercial solutions and develop custom software solutions. It is widely associated with HSS (hard-core system software), which can be used to combine the functional characteristics of assembly language with the benefits of high-level programming languages. We have been providing C++ product development services to various SME and Corporate enterprises.

We Provide C/C++ Development Services For :

  • Developing custom applications
  • Widening functionality of existing solutions
  • Linux/Unix C/C++ development
  • Maintenance
  • Testing and support for customized business solutions
  • Product development
  • Embedded C/C++ development
  • Video and audio processing software
  • Cross-platform development
  • System software develoment
  • Mobile application development
  • Upgrading Projects

Our company has years of experience in developing cross-platform applications using vxWidgets, GTK+, Qt and other tool sets. Professional developers create cross-platform apps for different projects and develop lucrative enterprise solutions.

Our Development Platforms :

  • Android OS
  • Win 32
  • Windows
  • iPhone OS
  • Pocket PC
  • Linux
  • Solaris
  • Unix
  • Mac OS

Our expert development team generates quality solutions, which are secure, reliable, robust and profitable for end-users. These solutions can be easily integrated with various databases and external systems. Moreover, it extends functionality of platform. Our experts also develop advanced software apps for peripheral hardware, plug-and-play and various portable devices.