Cross Platform Flexibility

Cross-platform application development implies writing once and deploying to multiple platforms. Application developers can monetize better by taking advantage of development tools that favor cross-platform design and development. Android* and iOS* are two mobile application development platforms that most app developers want to have their applications run on. The architecture of the software stack and the hardware capabilities of the devices running on the two different platforms pose challenges to cross-platform application development. HTML5 is one technology that makes cross-platform application development easy while providing portability to the different platforms.

Advantages of Native Mobile Applications over Cross-Platform apps :

  • Optimized User Experience

    Mobile application users expect better performance, better usability, higher quality design and more functionality. Each app is going to have different objectives, and there are many ways in which a native app provide better and optimized user experience than cross platform applications

  • Ease of Authentication

    Authentication is one of those features that helps deliver a personalized experience to your users, but is also a hurdle. Mobile phones are considered personal and product managers and designers who were accustomed to thinking through use cases for multiple users on a family’s desktop computer are certainly glad not to have to tackle those problems on mobile phones. With the exception of transactional services and other applications for which security is a concern a native app can remove the authentication hurdle from your user’s path, and set up an optimized and more personal experience.

  • Personalization

    On the personalization front there are also many opportunities to enhance the user experience. Setting preferences based on past usage trends helps make the experience more relevant upon the next visit while showing value to the user by overtly demonstrating personalization benefits through simplified interfaces and reducing steps to accomplish a task. This tailored experience will also help increase the app’s stickiness for content consumption and encourage repeat purchases for commerce-based experiences.

  • Higher Quality Images and Photo Galleries

    Since users are downloading the app, and expect app updates to be standard ongoing maintenance – you also gain the opportunity to showcase your products through rich imagery. Ideally this is not something that happens with much frequency and it is important that with each update there is incremental value returned from the update.