iPad Application Development

Since the introduction of the iPad in 2010, the dynamics in the technology industry and computing industry worldwide has undergone a paradigm shift. People are saying that the PC age is over and next to come is the Tablet age. And it does make sense since it provides the power of a PC along with mobility and since it has a larger screen space than a smartphone, it becomes the best solution for people who require a high-performance computing all the time.

There are lots of tablets available in the market today. But everyone would agree unanimously that no one has implemented the idea of the tablet better than Apple. The market share of iPad says it all. With its hundreds of thousands of apps in App Store, it certainly becomes one of the most powerful tablet for content creation as well as content consumption. The potential and popularity of iPad has led to a huge surge in the domain of iPad App Development. All business are transforming themselves to iPad from PC, be it Healthcare, Real Estate, Pharma, Education, Banking, anyone; all of them are starting to diverge their software solutions towards iPad apps.

Popular Services Include :

  • Interface and event controls using Cocoa API’s
  • SQLLite database development
  • 2D as well as 3D graphics for UI development
  • Multi-touch implementation (tap, flick and pinch)
  • Parsing HTML, XHTML, SOAP, web services, XML
  • Mobile development over wireless technologies
  • Managing secure access and authentication
  • QuickTime-based media player