Software Development

Our Software Development team has a unique combination of Technical expertise, Functional knowledge, Result orientation and experience. Our Custom Software Development process includes Planning, Selection of Technology, GUI Design, Prototype Creation, System Implementation, Testing, Deployment and Maintenance. We understand the importance of collaboration between development team and customers for an early product delivery. We progress product engineering in series of iterations. Prior to each Iteration, development teams meet our customer to prioritize the work. At the end of each iteration, team delivers a potentially shippable product increment.

Following are different methodology in managing product life cycles across products, management, engineering, support and professional services. A typical software development life cycle starts with product conceptualization/innovation phase that is critical for determining the product vision helping to deliver right product in the market.

The key features of our approach are :

  • Structured “Requirement definition process”
  • Rigorous program management processes
  • Rigorous Quality Testing Methodologies
  • Process oriented development methodology
  • Pre-defined methodologies & frameworks

Our Technical Expertise in :

  • Internet Programming Languages:
    • PHP, Java, ASP.Net, ColdFusion, Python, Perl/CGI, JavaScript, VB Script, Action Script (Flash)
  • Programming Languages:
    • C#, VB.Net, Java, C/C++, Visual C++
  • Databases:
    • MySQL, Microsoft SQL Server, PostgreSQL, Oracle, Sybase